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Consult Legal Recruitment is a specialist agency with a sole focus on the legal market. CLR covers temporary and permanent recruitment and has a database consisting of Paralegals candidates to Senior Lawyers. We also service locations UK-wide and register candidates in almost every specialism.

We won’t profess to be this completely unique, new age recruitment agency, when we created this company we knew that this is what practically everyone says. However, we can assure you that we have considerable experience within the legal recruitment sector, we’ve only ever operated in this space so we know it well, we have worked for a multinational recruitment agency, so we have the benefit of seeing what works and what doesn’t, we have tailored this knowledge to create a company that delivers a consistent high quality transparent service to clients and candidates.

Instead of telling you what we do differently, we’ll start with what we do well:

  • We understand the sector!

  • As a candidate we will give you honest advice on your career

  • As a client we will endeavour to meet your requirement but if it’s proving difficult then we will be consultative with what is achievable.

It’s no secret that this is a sales based job, but often is the case that recruiters forget to be consultative with their customers. CLR brings more than just passing messages between parties, we add value with our sector knowledge and understanding of people, we also have many examples of successes and failures to help us in the future.