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Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions (Terms of use)

The CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT web site is currently owned and operated by CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT LTD. Once using our site and our services you are under the terms of our terms and conditions and of third parties.

CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT uses session cookies only and soley for the purposes of navigating and using the website. Any cookies are removed as soon as your session is completed. We do not use or store cookies for any other purpose.

Data protection
CVs and Personal data that you supply to CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT may be transferred to third party service providers to be stored or processed on our behalf, including third parties located outside of the European Economic Area in countries where there may be a lower legal level of data protection. Information will be held in accordance with our privacy policy.

Use of the site
Our services provide job sourcing to prospective employees, employment opportunities for careers and staffing purposes. All downloads of information may be printed but not for commercial use. Other information may not be copied, distributed or forwarded from this site. All copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights in the site and the material available on the site belong to CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT and/or third parties. No proprietary rights apply.

Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003

CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT is a job board which enables viewing and assessing; it does not introduce or supply workers to recruiters. This means we do not;

Select suitable Candidates for recruiters.

Obtain identities, qualifications or training for the role to be filled.  
Undertake requirements imposed by law or permit information fulfilling the role.  
We do not take references or any other background checks.  
We do not assess suitability or unsuitability for the roles.  
No Accommodation Assistance.
Looking for work?

Check the identity of the recruiter  
Nature of the business  
Commencement date and duration of position  
Type of work  
Location, hours and health and safety  
Experience, training, qualifications and authorisation necessary by law to undertake the position  
We are not liable for;
CVS and job postings provided by the site which have initiated from an agent.
CV content advertisements.
Third party suppliers and suitability of employees.
Clients should take independent verification to protect themselves against loss or damage.

Service agreement
We will make every effort to maintain a continuous service but on occasion there will be interruptions and delays to the site out of our control. We are at liberty to alter design and functionality of the site at any time.

Third party liability
We are not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a third party as a result of using our site, we are also not responsible for loss of earnings, profit, consequential loss or speculative loss which includes, death or personal injury caused by negligence.

We do not refund any amounts.

This site and our terms and conditions are interpreted with English law and all disputes will be held in an English court.

Terms and conditions of business for recruiters
Any discounts agreed in writing are confidential to CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT and may not be disclosed by the customer to A third party.

All prices on our rate card’s are exclusive of VAT.

In the event of CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT becoming insolvent, cease to trade or liquidate, all contracts will terminate.
We will undertake to terminate any contracts with organizations who are in breach of our Terms and Conditions i.e. if a client becomes insolvent, closes or goes into liquidation.

Liability Agreement
We will not be liable for any instance of personal injury or any instance of negligence during the contract term for our services.

All clients must agree to act in a professional manner and you are unable to take action against CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT in the event of a court case.

We do not guarantee responses to job postings or suitability for the role you are obligated to take your own checks to ensure suitability of the applicant, qualifications and personal characteristics.

Uploading external links from your posting which are illegal or could result in a dispute with CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT will be removed.

Third Party connections
CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT has the right to forward too third party links via the website.

Database - Rights in the database
CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT has all database rights, copyright and intellectual property rights to the CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT database. You have no rights to retain databases or use databases without consent.

Using our database
Your database search will be in accordance with your contract:
i. Downloading, use of back office site, functionality, suitability of candidates.
ii. Use of individuals for specific job vacancy.
iii. Use of information for own recruitment purposes under terms of the contract.
No No’s (You may not):
i. Sell, copy, forward to third party for the use of licensed material, supply for profit or inappropriate Use. Automatically download the database
ii. Suitable candidates are only to be used for job vacancies in accordance with data protection act (1998).
iii. You are liable for hacking into CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT if your anti-virus software is not updated or fully functional.

Replacement of Database material
You are obligated to remove all old material uploaded to the site and replace it with current or up to Date literature.

Candidate Courtesy
CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT is not liable for any disputes brought about by accessing the candidate database or any disputes between your chosen applicants and yourselves.

Client Passwords
Passwords given to clients are for personal use only, please ensure that passwords are confidential and kept in a secure place. Any unauthorized use of a password is in breach of our Terms and Conditions.

All Advertisers to CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT must adhere to our terms and conditions laid out below;

Submitted advertising campaigns need to be with CONSULT LEGAL RECRUITMENT 3 days before upload, appropriate format applies.  

Alterations to campaigns must be submitted in writing by email 2 days before going live.  
You are responsible for all advertising materials that are required by legislation and code of practice.  

If we feel that your material or content is illegal, open to liability or we have received complaints we Will remove your advertisement at will, with no notice.  

If you are an employment agency/business it is your responsibility to ensure that your job postings comply with the data protection act, employment agency’s act, conduct of employment agency’s and employment business regulations 2003.

Any goods or services relating to your campaign are within your own responsibility i.e. harmful or illegal.  
We are not responsible for the cost of running your campaign, any liability resulting in the advertising of your product, no liability for loss of profit or business.